The Urban Tarot

This deck was envisioned as both a stand-alone deck and a tie-in to a roleplaying game. Unfortunately, the publisher involved with the game has since dissolved. As a result, the deck is still yet to be completed. The set is based on the symbolism of the Thoth Tarot, with an emphasis on the four elements. I was originally one of four artists working on the set, and my completed quarter of the deck is shown here in its entirety. My portion of the deck included all of the suit of swords (associated with Air) and a selection of the Major Arcana related to the same element. view the full set


Lovecraftesque is the GMless storytelling game of brooding cosmic horror you’ve been waiting for.

I worked with designers Joshua Fox & Becky Annison to create all of the illustrations for their recent indie RPG hit, funded through a successful campaign on Kickstarter. The books started shipping out towards the end of 2016, and can now be ordered directly through Black Armada Games. view the full set

The Equinox Tarot

I literally awoke one day with the idea for this series in my head, and set about designing it. I had the symbols of the Urban Tarot bouncing around in my head, and started thinking about a way to visualize the meanings of the tarot in a way that used absolutely none of the traditional imagery, and basically no real figures at all. Just pure black and white. I love the feel of it. One day, I’ll return to this project and give it the attention it’s due. view the full set


I created this mini-book as a promotional item I could give away at conventions. Or, perhaps just a fun side project that I justified as a promo. I created a set of five nearly-black-and-white illustrations for this modern interpretation of the classic Little Red Riding hood. The story is, in its beginnings, a cautionary tale for young women about sexual predators, not wolves. And so my illustrations are in that vein – the wolf is a taxi driver who follows a young woman in a red hoodie back to her house and attacks her. The text is taken directly from the 1697 Charles Perrault version of the story, including an explanatory moral which I included on the back.