VisibleU - Home - Blog pageI was the head of production at the small internet marketing firm VisibleU from 2008 to 2011, and I took the lead on every element of our graphic design work, both for our clients and internally. We went through several iterations of redesigning our company branding and our website in that time. Our goal with this design was to make our site as simple and direct as possible, while staying bright and friendly. Go to website »NextPrevious

Chris Madden, Inc. - Home - About page

Chris Madden was a long-time client of ours at VisibleU, and I was very excited to work with them to completely rebuild their website from the ground up. The new site runs off of a WordPress base, with a custom theme I built from scratch. Our goal was to highlight Chris Madden’s personal style through photos, and also create a strong social media connection for her fans. The client was delighted with the result.

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Soon I Will Be Invincible - Home - Timeline - Author page Soon I Will Be Invincible is a novel by Austin Grossman, published by Pantheon Books in 2007. It’s a novel of superheroes and supervillains, and the moral quandaries of a man driven to take over the world again and again. I designed a fully interactive flash site for the book’s release. The site included a secret sub-site with information on the characters and history in the world of the novel and a superhero quiz activity. Go to website » NextPrevious

M&S Schmalberg

M&S Schmalberg - Home PageM&S Schmalberg - How We Work pageM&S Schmalberg - Gallery page

M&S Schmalberg have been making fabric flowers in the fashion district in the same way for over a century. It was an interesting challenge to create a digital presentation for their very handmade, beautiful work. I started off with a very large, close-up image of one of their pieces as the primary background element, and everything else flowed easily from there. The translucent silk background to the main content area adds a subtle and somewhat unusual touch to the site.

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Transform Fitness

Transform Fitness - Home pageTransform Fitness - Staff Page

The founders of Transform Fitness had been working with VisibleU on their marketing for some time, so when it came to building a new site for them, we had some big ideas for what we wanted to do. We wanted to build a site that was simple and elegant but very powerful; something that was completely distinctive to reflect the very different kind of approach they had to personal fitness.


LIREIA home signup page

The team from the Long Island Real Estate Investment Association came to us with some very specific requirements. They needed a site that wasn’t just a marketing tool, but was also a full members-only real estate marketplace, an event calendar, a dynamic members portal for investment tools and information, a blog and also contained an e-commerce feature by which they could sell tickets and memberships. We integrated a number of different software elements to get the job done, and put it all together in a seamless package that presents a simple frontend and an easily managed backend.


Journeyman Home Join the Team People page

When my friends Diana Kudajarova and Tse Wei Lim announced that they were opening a restaurant in Somerville, I was excited to be able to take part in the project. The website design I came up with was intended to mirror the simple and elegant aesthetic of the restaurant itself. We used the same soft concrete and wood textures from the interior, accented with classical typography and the founders’ own gorgeous photography.




Rotation album coverRotation back coverRotation CD labelRotation inside cover

This is the first album from musician/composer/minister/liturgical rock star Isaac Everett. The songs cycle through the liturgical year, and features an undefinable mix of enchanting rock styles. I designed all the visuals for the album, and shot the photos for the CD cover myself.



Transmission album coverTransmission album coverTransmission CD label

This is liturgical rock star Isaac Everett‘s second album, with lyrics by J. Snodgrass. Subtitled “A Mass in Thirteen Songs,” Transmission continues to explore the fusion of old practices of worship and modern musical styles. I designed all the visuals for the album, and shot the photos for the CD cover.




Nazca game mockupNazca box mockupNazca card backNazca was a board game designed by Ben Shanks and produced by 3am Games. I worked with Ben and the 3am team to design every visual element of the game, from the board and pieces to the box itself. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be more expensive than expected to manufacture, and never went into production.NextPrevious