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The first edition of the Urban Tarot has now completely sold out, and I’m afraid won’t be printing more.

This shop will stay open for a little while longer, to continue selling the guidebook, but will eventually be shutting down entirely. Thank you to everyone who ordered a deck, and my apologies to everyone who didn’t get a chance.

The deck has been picked up for publication by U.S.Games, and a beautiful new second edition is already in the works. Sign up for the mailing list to hear as soon as the new decks go on sale.

The complete 78-card Urban Tarot Deck. While supplies last, each deck ships with a free velvet bag, embroidered with the Urban Tarot logo.


Price: $36.00

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The Guidebook

A complete guide to the Urban Tarot deck, with full-color images of all 78 cards, and insights and descriptions by the artist. Includes an introductory short story by Marie Brennan.


Price: $22.00

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Signed print of your choice from any of the 78 cards
in the Urban Tarot Deck.

8.5" x 11" prints: $15  •  13" x 19" prints: $35  •  17" x 22" prints: $45

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