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A soft launch

Quietly and without alerting the media, I’ve gone ahead and completely rebuilt my site. Look at that. I’ve finally moved away from silly old flash into a very nice custom WordPress theme that I’ve built. I think I like it, but it still certainly needs some work. Minor things here and there are still in […]
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Bigger changes coming soon

Well, it looks like I’m finally forced to make some updates to this site – as I may be about to get hit with a lot of traffic, thanks to the Star Wars spoof page I put up. So I’ll devote my time to rebuilding this site asap – meanwhile, if you want to see […]
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Ars Magica

A slew of site updates, leading to even further updates down the line. Some new typography, which will lead to a generally updated look shortly. New illustrations in both color and black and white sections, primarily new work done for Atlas Games. A page for Ars Magica images has been created as well, and put […]
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FIT Graduate Show

A long overdue update to the site. New color illustrations, new web designs. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Six new pieces from the Urban Tarot Deck will be on display at the Museum at FIT through July 28th. The Museum is at the corner of 27th and 7th avenue in Manhattan.
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I’ve added some graphics from Nazca to the site, and put the project in the spotlight position. Nazca is an exciting board game project I’ve recently completed for 3amGames, which should be available soon. I’m responsible for all the visual elements of the game, from the board to the box to the colors of the […]
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